Pacify Her  ❁ TW Gif Imagines

Pacify Her ❁ TW Gif Imagines

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Charlotte By quicksilvers Updated Jan 13

The title kind of says it all, don't you think?

Cover by my smol bean @merewolves

saranghaeXtae saranghaeXtae Nov 12, 2016
ok im rlly creeped out rn because i skimmed the list of characters and then i did the exact same EXACR SAME thing stiles does in the gif without seeing the gif and then i scrolled down and was like WAT
lehamazing lehamazing Dec 17, 2016
wait a minute author of these amazing gif imagines, do you take requests ..? if not it's okay 😌
-voidbane -voidbane 7 days ago
I've had this gif saved forever from my friend and I's gif groupchat and its me in so many ways