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Hidden Love - A Carl Grimes FanFiction

Hidden Love - A Carl Grimes FanFiction

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TWDFanFics By _twd_fanfics Updated Feb 18

"Dad! There's a girl and she's alive, she cut her leg by the looks of it, she isn't bit!" 15 year old Carl Grimes exclaimed, noticing the blood, but her insane beauty.

"We'll take her back with us, help her out, wait for her to wake up, then ask the questions" Carl's father Rick explained

He gently picked her up and whispered into  her ear.
"I promise, nothing's going to hurt you ever again"

I knew sisters can have a tough time getting along, but Emily was unreasonable! Like she could've done better.
_twd_fanfics _twd_fanfics Sep 14, 2016
@ShilbyLikens thank you! I'll be posting chapter six in a few hours!!!
_twd_fanfics _twd_fanfics Sep 07, 2016
@swsismyfavband I think I might put more effort into Rarl then Cliza, I feel like Cliza needs more detail