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Steamroller {Percy Weasley}

Steamroller {Percy Weasley}

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Clumsy Duckling By Naldi- Updated 21 hours ago

Growing up without any means to live and then being gifted your legs and discovering you're a witch is a lot to take in. Bohemia Wilkins does it though, she begins Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and begins her journey to becoming great. She makes a fair few friends too, a quirky Lestrange and a solemn Weasley - this Weasley, however, seems to be more than what he portrays. Bohemia knows Percy isn't a miserable sod like everyone believes him to be, she just needs to figure out how to show him that herself. 

The oddness that only a girl who just learnt how to walk would be the one to show him how life should be lived.  The question is though, will he actually acknowledge her teachings?

CharaKatana CharaKatana Oct 05, 2016
@Naldi- Sowee.
                              My strange and peculiar mind is picking up something from that "conversation" between Ollivander and Professor Kettleburn, during the scene where Bohemia's wand is being purchased..
Nefarior Nefarior Jan 26
This is so fun and well-written! Bohemia's character is so sweet already. The plot is a very interesting one indeed. I'm so excited! Cheers to you for being so awesome!! :D
I find it disappointing that her parents simply let her leave without them.
Aaww, both Percy and Bohemia named their pets after greek gods.
Naldi- Naldi- Oct 05, 2016
Ah. I guess it's just in all the fics I've read where it's an older person going to Ollivander with a younger one, Ollivander and the person have a little convo where he recounts the persons wand and they laugh about it. It's sorta just me nitpicking that.
Nefarior Nefarior Jan 26
Athena! That's a great name. ;)
                              What a pleasant chapter! I'm really enjoying this read. Good work!