Life of a female Gangster©

Life of a female Gangster©

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Urban novel. ©  All rights reserved to Idenity Along with thoughts and ideas from my head. If copyrighted, you will be sued.  Book cover credit to @LiveLoveAndSmile

16 year old old Maya Evan's parents were murdered by gang members. She had no other siblings, just her parents, so now she lives with her Aunt, whose  husband was killed by gang members. They live on the south side of Chicago, and for years Maya has been trying to figure out what gang killed her parents. On her 17th birthday what happens, when she gets initiated, into an all female gang, and actually begins to enjoy the gang lifestyle? What happens when one man, can change her definition of love.

20 year old Devon Porter, was arrested in 2009 for the conviction of murder. He was pleaded not guilty, for the death of four teenage boys, and sentenced to Five years in Prison. Growing up, he had a terrible life. His mom was strung out on drugs, and at that time his father was a 'King' for the Black Disciples in Chicago. Since his Father's death, he has taken over the Black Disciples--at an early age, and has killed more people, than you have fingers. He's about that life, and has a pile of skeletons in the closet, that no one knows about. What happens, when he meets a girl--that he wouldn't mind calling his 'Gangsta' queen, and a possible cure for his madness?

*Black Disciples/Gangster Diciplesis a real gang in Chicago. One of the largest.
*Read to find out!
*Explicit Content
*Thoughts and Ideas are fiction
*Some places in the story are real places
*Characters are made up!
*Slowly Editing

Dedicated to: All the thugz everywhere. <3 Keep it trill. -Idenity

Second book: Murder Was The Case

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Im glued cant even stop reading cause its getting so good... Your a wonderful writing