Bitten By The King [ Elemental Series #1 ]

Bitten By The King [ Elemental Series #1 ]

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Parinitha By PariDWJensenackles Updated Nov 23

Previously known as 'My Mate is an Alpha'

Amelia Greene, the daughter of the Alpha of the Blue Crystal pack, is a music major college student. Kind and sweet would be the perfect definition of her. Like any other she-wolf, she longs for her mate. She is someone you would call beauty with brains. 

Xavier Dashwood. Two words that can instill fear in anyone. The Alpha of the Mystic Shadow Walkers Pack, and the King of the Supernatural World. He is not only feared as a Werewolf but also as a businessman. He can wipe out your company and your pack within a snap of his fingers and there is nothing you can do about it. Egoistic and Cold would be the perfect definition of him.

They say opposites attract, but do they really?

The Moon Goddess loves to play when it comes to mates, this might just be one of her games.

Oh my gord I love 'Holy Disco Dancing Donkey' lmfao XD i am in love with your book XD
Oh my god I love the 'Holy mother of chocolate goodness' and 'Holy cupcakes' lol XD
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WHAT?!?!???????  I can't even afford a Mac Book. I really need one for homework as well.........UGH