Love Allergic #YourStoryIndia

Love Allergic #YourStoryIndia

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Emily By Bhagyashri_2698 Completed

"So...out with the secret." He said calmly but I could sense the curiousity. He looked at me when I didn't answer and raised his eyebrow, hinting me to answer, which made him looked hotter, as if that was possible.

"What secret?" I asked. I was irritated. It wasn't my wish to be here.

"Why are you so....allergic to love?" He asked though he was looking in front. I was taking him in while my brain asked How did he get the correct word?!  I did not answer.

"What is it?" He pressed upon and I couldn't help but get irritated.

"What is it to you?!" 

"Dumped by a guy?" He totally ignored my question.


"Got cheated?" 


"Your first crush was your best friend's boyfriend?" He asked and then chuckled at his own question.

"No!" I was getting irritated beyond limits. What was in this guy which made him attractive as well as annoying?

"Your guy turned out to be a gay?"

"No way! Where do you get these theories from?!" I cried in annoyance.

"Well Quartza, you don't wanna know the rest." He winked at me and I was definately sure of that.


Emily Sky: Defination of Perfect thought imperfect. Everything she does is perfect yet she underestimates herself but the thing which makes her slightly dislikeable is her allegery to love. When everything around her is so...lovey-dovey she moves to her Father's place, she expects a better life. Less she knows that here is the turning point of her life.


Dylan Castle: Defination of Hot. Extra cockiness, Super hot attitude and confidence taller than Burj-e-Khalifa. Making every girl fall for him, he is searching out for a new target and what is better than a girl who is totally against love? You obviously don't get that type of girls everywhere.


Read their story to find out if Dylan does get Emily because the chances are as equal to as an atom. (Sorry bad Comparison! :P)

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RenataSam RenataSam Dec 22, 2016
                              lexi's best friend 
                              From:I sold myself to the devil for vinyls... Pitiful i know ?
shantyl_castelino shantyl_castelino Feb 17, 2017
The song for this chapter us amazing! One direction 😙😍😘
halima_nadeem halima_nadeem Nov 22, 2015
Not trying to sound rude but it is actuallybhrj al khalifa not e khalifa
Team-Valdez Team-Valdez Nov 01, 2015
I just read the blurb and saw the video and I was like I'm already in love with this book!!
hyperactivepanda18 hyperactivepanda18 Oct 04, 2015
can someone please check my story out? it would mean a lot to me if you did
Xxbookworm1234xX Xxbookworm1234xX Oct 01, 2015
no don't think that it is a bad comparision its actually a great one