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Fairy tail rp

Fairy tail rp

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Siku By __Siku__ Updated 6 days ago

Yeah I asked you guys so here is it!!!

Ghost8195 Ghost8195 4 days ago
Name Luis moree
                              Age 17
                              Gender male
                              Personality aggressive cocky reckless head strong determined very protective 
                              Likes fighting training and pizza
                              Dislikes swimming heights and spicy food
                              Magic shadow god slayer magic
                              Guild mark location/colour black and on his chest 
                              Crush none 
                              Siblings none
_Aimszie_ _Aimszie_ Oct 24, 2016
Name: Aimszie
                              Gender: female
                              Looks: light brown straight hair with blue highlights, blue eyes and pale skin
                              Personality: kind, funny, smart, outgoing, gets angry easily 
                              Guild mark: side of stomach, purple 
                              Powers: water Mage
                              Crush: Gray fullbuster
YukiiTheBlackNight YukiiTheBlackNight Nov 03, 2016
Yukii Scarlet
                              Age 16
                              Gender Female
                              Personality : Lonely, mysterious, brave
                              Guild mark right arm in black
                              Power : Moon Dragon Slayer
                              Siblings : Erza 
                              Crush Loke/Leo
katelyn-fire-fist katelyn-fire-fist Oct 22, 2016
                              Light blue hair and one purple and one pink eye
                              Blue and below her shoulder 
- - Nov 28, 2016
Name Mavy (Last Name Is Unknown)
                              Age 13
                              Magic Illusion magic
                              Gender Female
                              Family Mavis and Zeref
                               Mark and color White on Leg
                              Backstory it's foggy
                              Personality Like Mavis