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Soulmates Are Good For Nothing

Soulmates Are Good For Nothing

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Stephanie By FotherMucker Updated Jun 13, 2014

Christianna is not a normal seventeen year old. She is a werewolf, but not just any ordinary werewolf. She has been running from her kind since she was six. After she finds out the one she thought she loved and trusted freaks out and doesn't accept her. She again runs, but gets caught in a pack. They don't know who she truly is, and she plans to keep it that way. All she has to do is pay for her crimes, and do her time and she can leave. With the alpha around is that possible though? Who is Christianna and what are her secrets?

DeadlyLover DeadlyLover Jul 17, 2012
You know what... I kid of believed what Maggy said especially when he's treating her like a maid.
CareeFreeGissay CareeFreeGissay Mar 05, 2012
I don't normally read these type of stories, maybe a couple of times, but this was one of the BEST werewolves storys I've read
FotherMucker FotherMucker Sep 05, 2011
@gator-girl97 hey sorry never said thanks for the comment. But thanks for the comment I'm guessing this is for a later upload though since, in the first upload there is no amulet mentioned aha. Thanks again for the comment
gator-girl97 gator-girl97 Jul 11, 2011
Soo good! When's the next upload??  When is chrissy gonna tell the alpha he's her mate? When will she get her amulet back? Is jake the spy cause he's the closest one to her in the house? Update sooooon plz
Seyaii Seyaii Jul 06, 2011
                              Not unnecessary sentence, unnecessarily starting a new sentence. I meant that it should be 'Trying to get a please from Dylan is like trying to get blood from rock.'
                              That's all I'm saying.
FotherMucker FotherMucker Jul 06, 2011
                              yeah I do fast editing and usually miss things. I don't go back and edit everything until way later into the story. But the unnecessary sentence you pointed out. That's called a metaphor, and I don't feel it's unnecessary. Just saying but I liked the feedback thanks