Wife For Sale

Wife For Sale

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Geoffrey Torres enjoyed a life as a basketball superstar,  ramp and commercial model, movie and TV  personality, and  motorcycle racer until such career as a sports and showbiz celebrity ended with a freak accident that left him limping. After the accident, he devoted his time facing the duties and responsibilities as the heir to  biggest corporation in the country, Torres Food and Beverage   Corporation.

Leianne Villar worked as a physical therapist in US when she met the very difficult patient, Geoffrey Torres. With her patience, they got along very well. But their growing friendship was cut by her duties and responsibilities to her family. She had to return to Filipinas to fulfill the dying wish of her grandfather to reunite the Villar family and save the family business,

Will Geoffrey and Leianne meet again?

Will Leianne be able to save the family business? Will she agree to marry a rich man when her grandmother decided to have her or her brother enter an arranged marriage just top save the family business?

The characters, places and events are all just part of the author's imagination. Although some people, places and events exist in the real world, if some events are beyond the truth then that's what fiction is all about! 

To understand more of the setting, please read http://www.wattpad.com/story/12436864-all-about-filipinas

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The hellllllllllllllaaaa wahatttttt affair with her sis what the
potteryroad potteryroad Jun 10, 2016
I don't know a lot about the Philippines, so genuine interest here but how diverse is it? Are those names of Spanish descent like the sound or does the language have similar sounds?