TMNT TCEST : Forced Love : Mikey x Raph Donnie x Leo

TMNT TCEST : Forced Love : Mikey x Raph Donnie x Leo

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[Teenage Fangirl] By Jurassic_Alex Updated 2 days ago

Four turtles are captured, and tortured by the Kraang. Two of them were tortured with pain, while the other two got something that will either plague them or bring them to find out, my friends!

WARNING - If you do not like male pregnancy, or TCEST, this story may not be for you.

|Also: I do NOT own anything related to TMNT (sadly), I only edited SOME of the cover art, and/or images throughout the story. I DO, however, own the story and the general idea. Even though my story may SEEM similar to others, I made sure that it was an original idea (and it is). Thank you, and I hope you enjoy my story|

well, sucks to be them. 
                              wait, they're guys. ??
                              call me caitlyn jenner because i'm switching genders.
yay! i found a fan fiction with great grammar & a good story! :)
Update soon! I luv this book!
                              BESTEST BOOK EVAH!!!💜💙❤💛