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Under His Gravity

Under His Gravity

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Sou&Sue By chuncky_monkey Updated Jun 12, 2016

All he cares about is causing me pain and sorrow
All he wants to achieve is seeing me suffer and hurt.
But he didn't know that I already suffered enough, he didn't know that I shared his pain and he didn't know that we were on the same boat so it's either we drown together or we float together because I was under his gravity and he was under my spell
"Say it loud Ella, let me hear you, say it" he ordered shaking my shoulders many times I was weak between his arms, I felt weak but I wasn't going to give up that easily
" I have nothing to say to you" I raised my head up informing him
"Fine! then I am the one who will say it" he pushed me a slight push causing my back to hit the wall then my eyes followed his lips reading the words coming out.

Uknowwho1313 Uknowwho1313 Nov 28, 2016
I don't think that's a good enough reason. Actually the only reason you should be wearing crocs is if you're a kid or a mom on the brink of insanity.
Emunch Emunch Oct 28, 2016
I never read this book because I was certain of the tragic end, now I'm sure lmao
Uknowwho1313 Uknowwho1313 Nov 28, 2016
Four only because he's lean and muscular. Peeta's a little broader but still muscular. And Augustus Waters is a heartbreaker.
Cookieeb Cookieeb Apr 25, 2016
Peeta.. or Four.. but Peeta...yeah Peeta. But Four😭 
                              I think Peeta wins
Uknowwho1313 Uknowwho1313 Nov 28, 2016
😂😂😂😂 it's okay. I'm the same way. Ambrose has been leaving me hanging since last Wednesday, the 3Musketeers visit me every so often, so I'm off on a new journey to find my new man. Only, of course, until the return again. 😊
xLyrical_Hypstersx xLyrical_Hypstersx Nov 13, 2013
This first bit was amazing. BTW, im ur friend from twitter the one u asked to check out ur story x