To Keep You Safe

To Keep You Safe

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Lola1962 By bdresher Updated Oct 25, 2016

A 16 year-old girl goes to an illegal race in Jasper, Nevada. She listens to her music and stays by herself most of the time. 

But that all changed when she meets a certain hyperactive teenager introduces her to a certain red, green, and silver paint jobbed Autobot. Then her world is completely changed. 

Thank you @Ayra_Skye for helping me make this story possible. 

Thank you to those who have told me and motivated me to make my first story. 

I do NOT own Transformers Prime. Those rights belong to Hasbro. 

❗Warning: there is MATURE content in this book like: strong language, depressed thoughts, anxiety/panic attacks, scarring (literal and mental), abuse (physical), graphics (blood and energon), fluff, and some more that will be added on once I remember the rest.❗️you HAVE BEEN WARNED.

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