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Luna and alpha

Luna and alpha

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arialoveskpop By arialoveskpop Completed

I walked in my friends house too hear moan I quietly open her door and saw my mate and my best friend they snapped there heads and came off each other guilty was showing on there faces the beast in ruby took over and snapped there heads off blood all over the place her wolf and her beast were mad and angry that same day ruby change she was once known as the nice carefree girl but now she is known as a heartless person and cold her family and friends are worried for her every one is afraid of her and her pack expect the blood rose pack every since that day she wouldn't smile or laugh she was always working with pack stuff training and other things her human side is in the back of her head the one in control is her beast she changed her pack name as the death howlers but the mood goddess is not giving up on her she has a second chance mate the one and only fearless alpha of the blood rose pack Ian black 

This is going to be interesting

PieAngel123 PieAngel123 Nov 15, 2016
It's a pretty good storyline but punctuation would help make it even better and easier to read. Not trying to hate or anything, just trying to help you become an even better writer 😊
arialoveskpop arialoveskpop Oct 03, 2016
It my story okay if you are bothered by that small thing don't read it thanks @xXfreedomwallXx
occhiolisms occhiolisms Dec 05, 2016
Why don't you just take the advice that people give you? Seriously. It would get you so many more reads if you got a proof-reader for your nonexistent punctuation.
AngelWings1795 AngelWings1795 Dec 23, 2016
Take it from me, she is insane. She won't take criticism and she posted on my page to insult me. She told me to go off myself. Haha! As if. She complains because she does not have time to fix her issues, but enough time to argue with me all day about insulting her readers.
rhon671 rhon671 Oct 05, 2016
All that anger comes from the hurt she has dealt with. 😢😟
Bellamatte Bellamatte Jan 13
I've gotta a feeling ooh, that tonight gonna be a good book!