Papyrus x Reader (ON HOLD)

Papyrus x Reader (ON HOLD)

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NekoEevee By NekoEevee Updated Sep 04, 2017

Y/n was born half wolf, making her short but athletic. 

Her 'parents' never gave much thought about that until something happened. She was  born on the surface and she needed to get away from the real monsters, her parents. It started when she was 9 and her little brother Mike, was 5. They were playing when a drunk drinking buddy of the mother and father came and attacked them.

I came out with some bruises but Mike was killed by the man. After that my parents agreed that it was my fault and abused me up until the time I became 15. 

Unable to take it anymore, I ran away from home, to the one place they would never dare to go, Mt. Ebott. I jumped for hope of escape but got more than that. I finally got the family and friends I truly needed so bad and possibly someone to be more than friends. 

This is were I truly belongs...

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BabyBalloraa BabyBalloraa Dec 10, 2017
GimmeAllTurtlez GimmeAllTurtlez Jun 20, 2017
Correction Nicholas Robert Townsend (If you search him up it'll tell what happened)
IcicleCrystals IcicleCrystals Jul 25, 2017
                              *looks at title* forgot it was a Paps X Reader
MonkeyGirlyy MonkeyGirlyy May 07, 2017
I'm not joking when I say this.... I am pretty much the human version of Alphys
At least it's different then sayin it fills you with DETERMINATION
cassieDunn1 cassieDunn1 Jun 10, 2017
I just realised the age thing is off! 9+8=17!😮😮😮😮😖😂😂😀😊😄