He Loves Me, I Love Him Not

He Loves Me, I Love Him Not

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jimins_muffin By Crystal_styles1234 Updated Jul 10, 2018

" Hailee please listen!"he said. I stopped in my tracks. "What?"I asked.

"I love you"

"I guess it's a little too late to say that, huh?"......


Hailee Parker, a victim of fat shaming and has inferiority complex. She has been exposed to two words that could allegedly ruin a person's life since a very young age, fat and ugly. Although she made a choice to show she didn't care, at least when she was still younger. As she grew up, in highschool, people cared about how THEY look and apparently how YOU look, something which Hailee didn't. She let those two words define her as a person.

After three years of being separated from her child hood friend, Asher and his younger sister Melanie, they finally return. Only to reside in the house next to theirs. Asher Anderson, someone every girl would love to meet,he's got his good looks​, charming personality and flirtatious attitude. But Hailee, she loathed him. Or at least she thinks she does. She hates him because, something happened before he left, something Hailee's not told anyone at all, not even her best friends.

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TaLk_princess TaLk_princess Oct 16, 2017
was she serious with the 131 pound thing?
                              i just cant imagine the cast (from the picture) being fat
ZarahTunkiwala ZarahTunkiwala Mar 17, 2017
I love this and I recommend it to every single person reading this comment
2loveTanvi_markan 2loveTanvi_markan Jul 29, 2018
“That is for me to know  and for you to dot dot dot”
                              Katherine pierce 
                              The sassiest b*txh of all times