Mystic Messenger One Shots

Mystic Messenger One Shots

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Kelsey By Kelsey-Bell Updated May 23, 2017

This stupid game has basically ruined my life so as I slowly dig the deep hole I'm already in, I decided, why not? Why not just write one shots for these bastards?

Knowing I was deep enough, I gripped my shovel tighter, looked over at my phone longingly, and proceeded to dig more into the abyss called Mystic Messenger.

Cover by: ASassyBrat

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crying-roxy crying-roxy Aug 26, 2017
Yato and I have something in common...
                              We're both broke af
srsly-not-psycho srsly-not-psycho Jun 20, 2017
I would... but my bank account and I aren't exactly on good terms
msrutherford msrutherford Dec 30, 2016
I'm fourteen lolol 
                              But it's okay I guess because I can't really stand smut. Smut is really freakin weird and things get...  heated.
Jinxxy394 Jinxxy394 Dec 23, 2016
Can u do one with me an seven when i trick him into showing affection
meIanchoholic meIanchoholic Feb 20, 2017
Yoosung is 20, the Cheritz team decided, that the characters should be a year younger than their original ages. Oh.. and Pedophilia is s❣xual feelings anyone has developed towards a child, not s❣xual feelings from a child.
Kelsey-Bell Kelsey-Bell Nov 12, 2016
I find it hilarious everyone is telling me when they started watching smut like,,, now I know how kinky y'all are