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121 Days Of Summer [A Garmau AU | Book 2]

121 Days Of Summer [A Garmau AU | Book 2]

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The Phoenix Forces By PhoenixForces_ Completed

121 Days Of Summer || Garmau
      =That Went By All Too Quick=
    [ Also on @SkyStormer_ ]
      [ A Garmau AU ]
      [ Book Two In The '121' Series ]
       "How did this 'accident' turn into such a huge mess?"
      "I didn't ever think we'd be in this mess together.. But now, it's my turn to refresh your memory, and bring you back to reality."
      • • • • • • • • • •
      A comma.
      A suicidal attempt.
      Oxygen to the brain was lost.
      These events all brought upon 121 days of summer being wasted in sitting at home, a girl sitting at home, messaging a boy. For one girl who had a near death experience, and for a boy who tried to kill himself, trying to save each other's memory, and their romance.
      She thought he hated her, and never loved her. But that was before the mess began.
      She saw all these messages, she realized, she was wrong. But, it was now too late for her to realize her mistake, and make a correction..
      But, at least she can try to mend it back together. Even if the outcome is worse than expected.
        • • • • • • • • • •
      For all the mad and upset fangirls and boys, I have decided to continue on with this. May I add for a warning, you may want to cry at some points!
        [ Written By: Skylar]
        [Cover made on: Pixlr Desktop]!!! THANK YOU SKYLAR FOR WRITING!!!
shadow-and-light shadow-and-light Sep 07, 2016
OH MY GAWD THE FEELS. I'm always going to read it, when it pops onto my dash, so I'm happy now!