Kidnapped By My Best Friend

Kidnapped By My Best Friend

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Dylan stopped the car suddenly in an alley.
	"Um...Dylan why did you stop right here?" Lisa said with an upset tone. She was really looking forward to that movie and was suspicious as to why Dylan had stopped here.
	"I'm kidnapping you." he said looking down at his lap,cheeks rosey red, a hint of sweat on his forehead, hands still on the steering wheel. 						"What?" Lisa stiffened, her heart skipped a beat, her breathing sped up, "kidnapping you" the words went through her head, hoping he was just kidding[although it was not very funny]. Dylan locked the doors, that special lock on the driver's side where no one else can get out of the car. That's when Lisa started to freak out and realize,
	"OH MY GOD! YOU'RE SERIOUS!" She whipped around and pulled on the lock and banged on the window and yelled,
             "HELP! SOMEONE! PLEASE! HELP!!" The next thing that happened Lisa only remembers in six events:
              Event one: Dylan wrapping his arm around her waist pulling her back.
              Event two: hearing herself scream
              Event three: Dylan pressing a damp cloth over her mouth.
              Event Four: Lisa kicking and smacking Dylan's arm away wildly
              Event Five: feeling her limbs go weak
              Event Six: Dylan's lips against her ear whispering,
         "I'm sorry, I'm sorry."
Lisa and Dylan are best friends. I mean you could even consider then brother and sister because they're so close. Nothing could ever break their bond.

Until something happens.

Lisa is kidnapped.

And what happens when that kidnapper turns out to be her best friend Dylan.

Read to find out.

**please don't steal any ideas i worked  hard on this story. My idea for this book was influenced by a movie called "Kidnapped: 48 hours of terror" and this is my own version of that story.***

P.S this story is not what you think. Just saying what most ppl might think at first isnt.

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