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The description of the events in-between the canon meeting of Will and Nico and the canon announcement of their romantic relationship is like a folktale of sorts. It gets passed around from generation to generation of young fanfiction writers and the plot, never even confirmed canon by Rick Riordan himself, is twisted and changed to the point where the fanon reality has created some sort of robot-like Will Solace who never feels any emotion other than fake, annoying happiness.

Well, hey, Will Solace here. I'm here to tell you that's a load of... let's just get to the point already.

Here's the secret of camp half-blood, kids. You only matter if you're chosen to matter. While your beloved Percy or your beloved Annabeth saves cities and defeats monsters, everyone else sits in their cabins, twiddling their thumbs and slowly accepting the fact that they'll always be the "minor characters" in stories who could be replaced at any moment and nobody would care.

Do I fall under that category? Yes.

At some point in time I just stopped caring. I stopped caring whether I was alive or not, or what people thought of me. They've all created this "new and improved" version of Will Solace, so I just sit back and watch as they interact with what they think is me, sort of like I'm some sort of ghost.

I've gotten used to it, which is probably not very good for my health, considering I'm a "doctor". 

I'm sorry I can't be the happy-go-lucky Will you've always imagined me as, but the thing is that it's kind of hard to be genuinely happy when each morning you wake up screaming because of nightmares that feature the ghosts of the people I couldn't heal in the infirmary.

"But Will, just because you couldn't heal everyone doesn't mean you're a bad guy!" 

Here's how it works, kids. I'm not a good guy who does bad things.

I'm a bad guy who tells good lies.

(light & plague powers!Will AUs, trans!Will AU)
Based off of the books by Rick Riordan

Holy crap this is epic. Honestly I've read too many fanfictions where Will is annoyingly happy and the stereotypical gay guy, or that if he is angsty or whatever, it's not exactly for a good reason or well developed. Already love this story.
-thefallenangel- -thefallenangel- Nov 20, 2016
okay, this is gonna be a an exciting experience!(Trans! Will, omfg I'm ready for this)
all-this-bad-blood all-this-bad-blood Nov 18, 2016
I'm just gonna read all of your books because I have nothing to RN and solangelo is my shît so be prepared for lots of strange comments from Me about territorial chihuahuas as the night goes on
dapgotmarriedinjapan dapgotmarriedinjapan Dec 28, 2016
I thought it said that Kayla glued a real, dead spider to the wall... XD
all-this-bad-blood all-this-bad-blood Nov 18, 2016
souplancet souplancet Dec 20, 2016
I have a nagging suspicion I read the two of these out of order.