HEROES | SOLANGELO (currently under editing)

HEROES | SOLANGELO (currently under editing)

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"Don't you know what it feels like to lose the only person you have?!" 

Will Solace was broken. He was cold, alone, and terrified of what he'd done in his troubled past.

Of course, he hid all of that under a mask of fake smiles, and no one really noticed what was going on.

Sadly, nothing lasts forever.

After a shocking nightmare wakes him up with a horrifying scream, he realizes he needs to seek help from someone.

But, who in camp can really understand and help him with the grief he's feeling from the lives that were lost in his infirmary?  

"Cabin 13. There is a camper who will give.. wise advice on dealing with death."

(Will POV)
(trans!Will AU, lightbending!Will AU) 
(Based on the books by Rick Riordan)

-thefallenangel- -thefallenangel- Nov 20, 2016
okay, this is gonna be a an exciting experience!(Trans! Will, omfg I'm ready for this)
all-this-bad-blood all-this-bad-blood Nov 18, 2016
I'm just gonna read all of your books because I have nothing to RN and solangelo is my shît so be prepared for lots of strange comments from Me about territorial chihuahuas as the night goes on
LunorraWolf LunorraWolf Dec 28, 2016
I thought it said that Kayla glued a real, dead spider to the wall... XD
all-this-bad-blood all-this-bad-blood Nov 18, 2016
solameno solameno Dec 20, 2016
I have a nagging suspicion I read the two of these out of order.