Sold To The Gangleader

Sold To The Gangleader

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❤️4/6/17❤️ By HisPrincess4617 Updated Jun 24

"You're mine!" He says walking closer. "I payed 2 grand for you!"

"I don't give two fucks if you payed two grand for me!" I yell back beyond pissed.

"Well then I'll show you who you are talking to then. Basement now!" He yells.

I went from being in an okay family to being sold to a selfish, arrogant, completely irritating Gangleader. My names Erica and this is my story.

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Kestep_22 Kestep_22 Apr 27, 2017
The parents admitted they sold their daughter way to easily.....>_<
abcde2468 abcde2468 Mar 31
Why do they say it so casually like damm u could have just disowned me
Misty_m2003 Misty_m2003 Jun 01, 2017
i would of slaped my parents bc id be so fuckin pissed if they did that to me but knowing them and how much of a smart ass i am theyd probably do it for enough money or little money idk
Pottercameron03 Pottercameron03 4 days ago
Yassss bitch, is it weird I think gay people are better than straight people? No offense
Oh sorry daughter we may have made you into a sex slave so we could pay the bills, have fun!!!