Who's your daddy?

Who's your daddy?

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Vanessa Isn't a regular 20 year old I mean she was Jokers playmate for a while? Does that sound normal? I think not. Stick around to find out what other kinds of things Vanessa will get herself into cause nothing good comes from knowing Joker.

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!Joker and Gotham belong to D.C and are creations of the D.C team and creators, I do not own Joker or D.C at all. !

Im a marvels fan but come joker and suicide squad ain't from Marvel 😂.
We tampons girl your gonna need those blood plugs when Satan comes calling to party inside your uterus
Batman and Joker is from D.C, not Marvel. Just pointing that out, no offense.
Finally someone gets the name of the car right everybody says he drives a purple Lamborghini but like no honey he doesn't he drives a Infiniti G35 Vaydor
*jumps in he's arms*
                              ILL BE YOUR HALREY IF YOU BE MY PUDDIN!!
Uh hey haven't read yet but Gotham and joker and anything involved with batman belong to D.C. That's there characters not marvel    Marvel has Spider-Man wolverine and deadpool