Should I Stay? Natsu X Reader

Should I Stay? Natsu X Reader

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Tenshi_R By Tenshi_R Updated Oct 16, 2016

Y/N L/N. An elemental dragon slayer, she's not that strong.

She was one of the most precious guild members, but got pushed away, and thought that nobody cared for her. 

After one final move, she decided to leave Fairy Tail. 

3 years have passed, and she is reunited with her used to be best friend.

Natsu Dragneel.

He finally found her after all these years, and he tries to get her to come back. He thought it would be easy, because Y/N loved her family, full of joy, full of life, and a nice, happy girl. But boy was he wrong!

She changed. Who knew she would be the complete opposite of herself.

But would she be able to change back? Go back to the guild? Or would she stay the heartless Y/N and continue falling into the darkness? 

Read to find out!

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xIshMelody xIshMelody Sep 30
5 seconds of summer (I've done this to every book I find if they have the starting of a band I finish it off in band trash like
i am tearing up bit but its rare for this to happen so you did a great job
Promises were ment to be broken. Nobody keeps it unless there perfect. So, if you make a promise, just know that you never mean it...
                              I dunno I felt like writing this lol
D-did he Natsu just slap me...
                              *grabs katana*Bodies are about too fall and one of those bodies is natsu's
-akamatsu -akamatsu Mar 21
Like you would care. You ignored me completely before so why care now?