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Book Covers {OPEN}

Book Covers {OPEN}

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uchiha By Cutey28 Updated 2 days ago

Just fill out the form and BAM! A new cover for your book! Please give credit if you use them. And please be patient! <3

And btw, my style of covers are very detailed, so if you want a simple cover, I'm not the one you should go to. :) 

Also, I do anime covers. They are my specialty. 


✔️Photos and backgrounds all edited by me~
✔️Effects by me~
✔️Fonts edited by me~

echominded echominded Jan 14
Ciao! How are ya? :)
                              Title: 1521
                              Background: The sea? Or a pastel color
                              Quotes: nothing please
                              Characters: Pirate Arthur Kirkland/ England
                              Color theme: adventure colors?
                              Authur: echominded 
                              Anime: Hetalia 
                              Theme: happy, adventure
                              Style: simple and cute
boi-in-space boi-in-space Sep 14, 2016
Midnight bliss
                              A boy with a surgical mask
                              "You don't want to catch what we have" - Eric 
                              4 main characters and 3 side characters
                              Light pastels but the boy in darker colours
                              Creepy and cute if that makes sense 
                              Style two  
                              I think you're covers look amazing 😊
EyeScratcher234 EyeScratcher234 3 days ago
Can I request?
                              Title: Art of a half-demon
                              Background: A girl with black hair (long or short hair is okay)
                              Author: EyeScratcher234
                              Theme: Creepy
                              Tnx in advance!
BlissLeTrash BlissLeTrash Sep 13, 2016
Only if you feel up to it.
                              Title- Far From Home
                              Background- a falling angel or maybe just wings. I'm not that picky.
                              Theme- sinister yet innocent at the same time, if that makes any sense.
                              Quote- "Are you a sin or a sinner?"
                              Author's Name- BlissLeTrash 
                              Style- Two