But I'm Straight, Mate (Joshler texts)

But I'm Straight, Mate (Joshler texts)

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welcome to your tape By ColdBrokenTeen Completed

A prank call.

The caller is an extremely gay blue haired boy.

The receiver is a straight brown haired boy.

Where may it lead?

(i'm sorry this description is super fucking cringey)

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When The Message Man is actually used in the song aasd "the message, man" 💣💥 whole different concept 😭
Fiishyboopkins Fiishyboopkins Jul 07, 2017
Its not mysterious if you keep bringing up that it's mysterious 
                              Trust me I know
HeyItsFeletcher HeyItsFeletcher Jul 15, 2017
hey the devil finally came to take us all to hell for the smut on here
lonely_writer6 lonely_writer6 Mar 12, 2017
THAT REFERENCES FROM THE FAQ THOU!!!!!!!!! "Thats what his name is saved in my phone, its josh, mystery man, dun" 😂👌
HeyItsFeletcher HeyItsFeletcher Jul 15, 2017
you mean like the mystery of how tall you actually are Josh? cause we all know google be lying when they say you're 5'5"
Tutouli_Kubobsticles Tutouli_Kubobsticles Feb 23, 2017
All of my friends say this 😭😭😭
                              The ones that don't even exist😂