But I'm Straight, Mate (Joshler texts)

But I'm Straight, Mate (Joshler texts)

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welcome to your tape By ColdBrokenTeen Completed

A prank call.

The caller is an extremely gay blue haired boy.

The receiver is a straight brown haired boy.

Where may it lead?

(i'm sorry this description is super fucking cringey)

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Its not mysterious if you keep bringing up that it's mysterious 
                              Trust me I know
HeyItsKwon HeyItsKwon Jul 15
hey the devil finally came to take us all to hell for the smut on here
THAT REFERENCES FROM THE FAQ THOU!!!!!!!!! "Thats what his name is saved in my phone, its josh, mystery man, dun" 😂👌
HeyItsKwon HeyItsKwon Jul 15
you mean like the mystery of how tall you actually are Josh? cause we all know google be lying when they say you're 5'5"
I thought of Shakespeare, but then my thoughts immediately turned to Sherlock and I started fangirling...
All of my friends say this 😭😭😭
                              The ones that don't even exist😂