White Shadows

White Shadows

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Melody By abeautifulmelody_ Updated Nov 27

Sequel to Legend of the White Witch
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Time has passed, and now, everything is different. With Anabella presumed to be dead or dying, the realm has forgotten her and turned to the newest distraction - the long awaited wedding between Iora's eldest princess and Trävore's most esteemed knight, famous for bravely accompanying the White Witch during her fateful journey. 

Human and fairy kings and queens alike believe their people to be safe from evil once again, but Edlyn knows better. Anabella is out there somewhere, weakened but still wicked, and patiently awaiting her chance to return. Edlyn's claim to the throne is threatened by her existence, and her friends and family may still be in danger. Her grandfather has yet to be found. 

Her journey is far from over, but Edlyn wants nothing more but to be finished with it all, to be taken back to the time before her life was wrecked by Anabella. Her relationship with Peter is shakier than ever, Alec has been distancing himself, and Celeste is too heartbroken to be of any help to Edlyn.

She still has a long way to go, but will Edlyn be strong enough to defeat the world's most powerful witch, even when all of her relationships have been severed?

Awesome cover made by @elphadora ☺️

That was a very nice way to start the book. Thanks for writing the sequel so quickly. I hate waiting for a year between each book. Now that you've started, I am at peace knowing that you'll continue soon enough, and I'll wait for however long it takes.
ZeddDiashan ZeddDiashan Oct 21
When did this happen? Wasn't she some sort of apparition at the party?
I thought that Alec and Edlyn would be together. But the story is going amazing
Ridenali000 Ridenali000 3 days ago
caylime caylime Nov 13
i dont get the ending of the first book, or did i miss something?
Um did I skip something because this chapter felt like a big jump from the first book and that I had missed a whole piece of the story