registering regret | poetry completed

registering regret | poetry completed

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❝sometimes the person you'd take a bullet for is the person behind the trigger.❞

© roya sage 2016 - 2017

dedication to k. - this is my way of expressing how deeply you really affected me during my darkest times. 

dedication to a. - quite a different effect and small moments of lingering euphoria that were spent smiling at my screen.

all lowercase intended+

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Boris Schmitz

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- - Dec 26, 2016
Wow babe, this is beautiful.😍😍better than my trash of poems😂😂
unnamed_unformed unnamed_unformed Nov 29, 2016
BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the imagery and the way you capture feelings. Brilliant! ♥
NoriyukiSugarCube NoriyukiSugarCube Sep 06, 2016
this is such a touching poem. i held my breath until the very end
miracleboi miracleboi Sep 06, 2016
This is just breath taking (as always ) , I was confused as hell in the beginning ( probably because it's night time and I should be sleeping xD ) but I started understanding it in the end and I was just wow.
                              Just wow.
SoulGalaxyWolf SoulGalaxyWolf Sep 06, 2016
This made me sad 😣 Its hard to tell whether or not she shot the narrator or took a bullet for her. Be cause the narrator said he would've willing took the bullet for her and then it says "her nefarious hand" 
                              I loved how I could feel the narrators loss and sadness really good ^-^