*You mean the Galaxy to me*{ A Gaurance fanfiction}

*You mean the Galaxy to me*{ A Gaurance fanfiction}

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Maryonet By MARY1359 Updated Jun 08, 2017

(Credits to the fabulous @PrincessFangirlLexie for the amazing cover :3)

"I think I just lost the will to live,"I muttered silently to myself as I stared up at the beautiful night sky decorated with twinkling bright stars.

"I could say the same thing,"an unfamiliar voice beside me said.

"W-Who are you?"


Heartbreak is awful.


It's THE worst.

Well,until I met that goofy brunette.

All my troubles,well,MOST of them seem to vanish when I met him that night.

We met at under the stars,which was both our favorite place to think and calm down,but we didn't notice each other somehow.

I'm wondering how I didn't notice that handsome man before.I must have been so blind.

Now I have another problem,


..I think I may love him..

(Warning:MIGHT contain inappropriate parts and scenes,contains swearing and MAY contain triggering issues.I promise I'll warn you in that chapter if there is one to come)


Also this story is very cliché and note that I'm not the best author.I may put other ships and most of them are gay and lesbian so yeah

{All characters belong to Aphmau but I may add OCs which either belong to me or someone else.Fanfiction belongs to me so please do not copy or use any part of my book without my permission and without credit}

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-gaygatsby -gaygatsby May 03, 2017
My parents and yelling at me to get out of bed and my response is always.
1dames 1dames Dec 29, 2017
He might not be gay but he might be the OTHER LGBT, IDK JUST A GUESS
-ashfiresaysno -ashfiresaysno Dec 10, 2016
ginnyxdraco ginnyxdraco Nov 26, 2016
Awwww Laurence, don't give up hope, he'll come for you, eventually. (*whisper yells* GARROTH GET YOUR BUTT OVER TO LAURENCE RIGHT NOW!!!!) it will happen! 😉
MARY1359 MARY1359 Nov 27, 2016
I love how some people her are talking about the ass thing which cracks me up so hard everytime XD
Turtlelover1024 Turtlelover1024 Jan 09, 2017
What Garroth doesn't know at this moment is that he will fall in love with Laurence and then regain all his emotions.