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Experiment XX09

Experiment XX09

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Miya By XxDarkxAngelxX Completed

XX09 is the child of experiments X03 and CY05. XX09 is the latest creation and also the best. He has his own soul, personality, and feelings. Unlike experments beore him. Or maybe he can just express himself better?   Anther thing. You can't just call XX09 a 'he' you have to take account he was also born a girl. But he's a boy. Confused? Good. The whole point of his existence is to be the 'Perfect human'. He has no true gender, He's got the perfect personality, just between shy and outgoing. He's also got the looks. His delicate features and his smooth skin is just like any girls, yet he retains that manliness to him that let's you know he is a boy to.  He loves colors. Though he isn't allowed to be near it. Just about everything he has is white. But he does have a poster of X03, his dead parent and CY05 his only parent now. They seem to be the color besides his blue bedspread.  XX09 is permitted to go to school. what kind of adventures will the experiment have? Maybe even a bit love?  (*Mpreg, Boyxboy, boyxgirl, Science, fantasy... um is that all the stuff...? o.o)

Veryfunkittenbabies Veryfunkittenbabies Nov 24, 2016
First story on wattpad I actually ended up crying for. Just wow.😭
dog_lover_320 dog_lover_320 Dec 26, 2016
okay I'm sorry I cant read this book anymore its way to sad :(
The-Gay-Boy The-Gay-Boy Aug 06, 2016
Technically he would be called XX01 or CX01 in scientific terms.
_aesthetic_lly _aesthetic_lly Oct 03, 2015
This story is already breaking me and it's not even the 2nd chapter yet!
Naxrena Naxrena Aug 05, 2015
Why did you start with feels, I can't read with tears in my eyes