Attraction (BTS×MRDR) {ON HOLD} #WATTYS2017

Attraction (BTS×MRDR) {ON HOLD} #WATTYS2017

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🦋Aphrodíne By jstncrbjsmc22 Updated Aug 20

M/n Y/n is a simple, feminine, crossdressing boy that lives in (country) in a hotel room alone until his cousin that just came from south korea comes back and lives with him. 

But an unexpected moment happened in the airport as he arrived with a famous 7 member boy group that just knew that something clicked when they saw him.

Until attraction just latched on to them, seeing a unique boy like this.

But little did M/n know he created a HUGE contreversy.

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Putaemin Putaemin Jun 26
I'm only 5'2 😂😂😂 which I think is 157. I could 😂💀
-mintyeong- -mintyeong- May 30
Okay, ill just pretend I dont know Korean *deletes the part of my brain that remembers Korean*
O so I'm Taller now
                              Haha no more looking up at people ⊂(^(工)^)⊃
Why did i read "oh so that explains it, they're kpop fans." in such a sarcastic voice? XD
inkkun inkkun Apr 30
I know an Andrew 
                              and I don't like him 
                              even tho he is my friend's friend
i will never ever ask someone to carry their luggage. i will have yoongi expression saying 'bitch do it yourself'