Morning ℂoffee ♨

Morning ℂoffee ♨

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Me insane? Haha By Tyki_Mikk Completed

"His eyes are like the dark abyss of space, when he meet her suddenly his dark space was fill with light."

Sebastian and Naomi are two completely different people. 

Sebastian a wealthy, well known, giant of a man. He is the sole owner of his company, rated the sexist bachelor in the whole world. But, he is also cold, ruthless, and unforgiving. 

Naomi a shy but sassy, full figured black woman. At first glance she is a normal middle class every day person, but that is far from true. This black haired beauty holds a secret that she keeps close to her. 

Can these two very different people, form very different class ever over come what is going to be thrown at them? Or will they both fall in a hail of bullets?

Cover By: kreachermuch (Awesome much!)

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Bruh........ ive seen a 6th grader who's 6'4....... 6 freaking 4........ I dont what to do if I saw 6'8 or higher with my 5 feet self 😂😧
He press his lips to my ear...we leaving early😭😂😂💀😭 excuse my inner hoe. I'm a saint I promise hahaha!!!!!
OK after this little part I need a fat minute, did a coupe breathing exercises and took a little break too much too handle 😂😂😂😂😭😭
only child for my mom but I have 10 siblings on my dad's side 2 boys and 8 girls and with me in their that's 11
StefLena StefLena Nov 23, 2016
Hahahahaha, dog author the whole family is a hot mess. Couldn't you have at least gave poor Nana a cousin that had a good head on their shoulder?
where naomi at in the cast list and plz make her thick and short