personal businesses affairs. [jumin han x reader.]

personal businesses affairs. [jumin han x reader.]

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mista trust-fund kid. By daddyjumin Updated Sep 06, 2016

This story will be a reader x Jumin Han fic. 
Y/N / _____ = Your name. 
I'll be following the looks of the basic player, but you can imagine them to what fits you.

This will be female orientated, if this gets enough reads  (etc) I might do a male orientated fic. 

The RFK doesn't exist, so here is how the characters are associated;
 Jumin Han - main male.
Zen - Business rival, also a beginning actor. [It is more of a hobby.] - 
Jaehee Kang - Jumin's personal assistant.
Luciel / 707 - Incharge of IT at Jumin's company.
Yoosung Ken - Y/N's bestfriend.
I don't really have any place for Rika and V, but they'll just be people who work for the company?

  • 707
  • jaeheekang
  • juminhan
  • luciel
  • mysticmessenger
  • rfk
  • sevenoneseven
  • yoosungken
  • zen
GiaBird GiaBird Oct 08
this is really great! pleade continue it! i luv jumin so i cant wait! also dont i think some 🍋🍋🍋lemons🍋🍋🍋 would be epic lol.
Dying_Death Dying_Death Apr 25
Please do update, Author-chan! I really like this!! You did amazing!
I cant wait for the next chapter. I wonder how jumin will tell his feelings to y/n.
This is so interesting! I can't wait to see what you have in store for this story!!
1-800-IamJungShook 1-800-IamJungShook Dec 30, 2016
This needs to update, I'm already getting some dirtayyyy imaginations lmao >~<