Red Viper and the Kingdom of Blood

Red Viper and the Kingdom of Blood

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Desastr By DesireeBurhans Updated Aug 22, 2015

Sambuca isn't human... Despite her venom-green eyes and teeth all ground sharp, she convinced herself that she was. Eventually, her past begins to catch up, and she finds herself in a complicated mess.  Her world gets turned upside down upon meeting a mysterious stranger known as Goliath. From there she starts to learn her true nature. On top of that, when a series of events leads to a corrupted king taking over not only a vampiric kingdom, but a human city as well, hell breaks loose.  Battle sparks even in these modern times between forces most humans only dreamed of. With the help of a rather odd pack of shapeshifters and a very traitorous ex-vampire-hunter,  she tries to put a stop to this madness.



Goliath bent over me, gently checking my pulse. With my eyes narrowed weakly, I probably didn't look like much of a threat. I gave a warning hiss and raised my arm. "Stay back..." I muttered, not trusting him. Something

The guy stared down at me, amused. "Well, love..Frankly, I'm the only one you really can't kill," he responded. With that he brushed away some cover from his arm to reveal five long gashes. Then, he lifted his head to show me his neck...He had a huge bite and the symbol of a striking viper on it... it was my symbol.

I stared, horrified, as Goliath's eyes slowly turned to red. Blood loss made me dizzy, but I could still think and talk. "" I gasped. The vampire gave a soft smile. Ah great, I was in for it now...

CAUTION: Written to be gory at some parts. Squeamish readers be warned.

©Desiree Burhans, I take full credit for plotline and characters. Any resemblance to existing ones is coincidental.

NOTE: I am in the editing process right now, even though this is a finished work. The chapters in the middle need to be fine-tuned and fixed up in terms of grammar and spelling. If you find an error let me know please and I will get that fixed right away :)

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WattpdILyf WattpdILyf Oct 30, 2017
Guys plss read the story dahil sa'yo maganda po ito promise this is so beautiful story this is tagalog and when i read this i feel cool,better,and creatingful and full of finction
happyfox7 happyfox7 Apr 09, 2017
This is so good. I finish all of my books so fast ...and this is one of the best books I've ever read!👌👍😍❤️📚📚📚📚📚📚
angelhunter1901 angelhunter1901 Dec 12, 2016
ok so how did the toxin/venom into her nails and teeth because you were never spacific on how that happened
gotighosti gotighosti Feb 24, 2017
Just at the 1 bottom piece there is a typo. And we sure as hell I think is what it was. We're.:)
SMCorral1015 SMCorral1015 Jan 29, 2017
I know she's supposed to appear "human" but I'm imagining her as a naga right now :3
Shrreyaaaa Shrreyaaaa Jan 03, 2016
Believe it or not i was re-reading this i love it i love it 
                              I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS