The Mafia Princess - Brancaccio 2 (Completed)  *Slowly Editing*

The Mafia Princess - Brancaccio 2 (Completed) *Slowly Editing*

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Yui Ismutomo By Justme_Ai Completed

The Mafia Princess

Meeting Charlotte Brancaccio, the only daughter in the Brancaccio family or to the leader of the Genesees, the greatest and strongest mafia in Italy who always protected and not allowed to do anything without her family approving and the Genesees members following her around.

Until she meet Landon Black and decided to marry him and move America.

The first and worst decision she ever made alone.

Story by : Yui Ismutomo

  • adventure
Javonhennessey Javonhennessey Dec 28, 2017
Just finished reading your first story am really looking forward to reading your next one
starfights starfights Apr 05, 2016
why do I have a crazy theory that it's gonna be the other way.
                              I think I'm gonna be right this time thou.
distvnce distvnce Jan 25, 2016
I'm sure in Italy they end their names and whatnot with a vowel...
FloraDesire FloraDesire Dec 07, 2015
so after reading this, i am getting feeling that he will be putting a show on , he will betray , he was really after her money then she will meet some guy (another gangster guy) in america? why i am thinking this way??
FloraDesire FloraDesire Dec 07, 2015
what? should i read it or not? last line of description is giving me bad vibes... so can anyone clear this up. if this guy is his school friend , childhoodfriend , another gansters. what? give some clue?
ed2wfu ed2wfu Nov 18, 2015
There's not much if anything I would change. Incredible work. I would like more, more! What a fantastic story!