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Tag you're it (Joker x Reader)

Tag you're it (Joker x Reader)

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Knock knock Puddin' By knockknockpuddin Completed

||He chased me and he wouldn't stop-Melanie Martinez (tag you're it)||

What if you were being watched and you didn't know?What if he followed you home all the time,but you never noticed he was there?What if he has been waiting so long for you and then one day he got tired of waiting and came for you? 

He always had his eyes on you.

👌🏻👌🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 thank you! ( the rant is on point. I have to deal with the same thing amongst some of my younglings in my social group.)
I want to read the comics SO BAD but I can never find the right ones in the book store! And honey, people thought I was insane long before I've watched that movie 😂😂😂
That is my typical reply, if some asks me something about hw I'd be like 
                              "BISH WHA?!"
For that one second he looks straight at your and you just want to hide under a rock
well no offence i agree 100% with the statement but uhhhh i actually have episode of rage so bad that my mum calls me a psycho lol nvm i still agree
is anyone else trying to do the faces and motions he is doing or is it just me