Tag you're it (Joker x Reader)

Tag you're it (Joker x Reader)

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||He chased me and he wouldn't stop-Melanie Martinez (tag you're it)||

What if you were being watched and you didn't know?What if he followed you home all the time,but you never noticed he was there?What if he has been waiting so long for you and then one day he got tired of waiting and came for you? 

He always had his eyes on you.

Everything in my room is green. (That's a lie. 30% green 70% black.)
JokersChuckles JokersChuckles Nov 09, 2016
I got to say I love your author s note 😄
                              That is exactly what I tell my Friends all the time...
WHAT!?!? GREEN ITS THE ALMIGHTY BOSS COLOR I can't even look at my self
lbabmoh lbabmoh Sep 19, 2016
Make more and I stared to think dose the joker have a last name or is it joker joker
linlin090 linlin090 Dec 26, 2016
Ive read all comics and i feel tje same 🙌 u are very symphatic
RhiannonLeeWilliams RhiannonLeeWilliams Dec 26, 2016
Thank god someone gets it. I have the same problem with my friends