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My Wife Is Budak?! √

My Wife Is Budak?! √

900K Reads 58.7K Votes 83 Part Story
ALLI By AzfLee Completed


Okay, hakak tak pandai buat sinopsis😅

It just a simple non cliché story where nobody will get into arrangement marriage. I'm trying to create a good storyline. 

Hakak dah kata hakak tak pandai buat sinopsis😅

So, let's read and welcome to my cruel world where everyone can have cardiac disease with the sweetness.

And yeah, I love it bila reader meroyan😅

Read it and you are gonna be a part of my happy life. Yeah, life as a  crazy writer😹

Lots of furry love from me,

furiosa_furiosy furiosa_furiosy Dec 22, 2016
qu puteh qu puteh baru lah puteh...  Nice name datin sri vida pon bolih...😂😂
PutriSukma290 PutriSukma290 Dec 20, 2016
Terkejut doh.. Datin sri vida tiba2 kluar dlm citer nie.. Hohohoho
BlackBaery BlackBaery Dec 30, 2016
Datin Sri Vida what the f*ck? Sejak bile dyaa sesat kat dalam citer ni. Mula baca je nampak Datin Sri Vida, sebaik x terkeluar jntung nih.
ain2723 ain2723 Dec 20, 2016
Biar betikkkk😱...I can't believe it...daebak this story😹😹