Sluts [L.S.] [BoyxBoy]

Sluts [L.S.] [BoyxBoy]

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harry styles By bttmhrry Updated Jul 18


A few words to describe the infamous slut, Harry Styles. He knew how to ride, suck, and savor cock well from any man that decides to whisk away their souls one night.

However, Harry Styles is no ordinary slut on the market. He's on a mission... a deadly one.

Meanwhile, detective Tomlinson receives a new case, a serial murder of rich famous men robbed of their money with the same bloody results.

Fatal Sex.

specers specers Jul 18
Smacks brother in the face, gets off the couch turns to brother and points at the phone*
                               BITCH THATS WHY!
cheyennemax cheyennemax Jul 11
Selfish I knowwww but I Don't ever wanna see you with Him .. Selfishhh I know .. I told you but I know you never listen
specers specers Jul 18
specers specers Jul 18
Bitch it's really easy rich guy gets killed after gay sex😂😂😂😂
specers specers Jul 18
specers specers Jul 18
Because of the activities?
                              Does that mean their guessing it was a woman because of the sex or position he was in when he died?