Sluts [L.S.] [BoyxBoy]

Sluts [L.S.] [BoyxBoy]

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harry styles By bttmhrry Updated Mar 08


A few words to describe the infamous slut, Harry Styles. He knew how to ride, suck, and savor cock well from any man that decides to whisk away their souls one night.

However, Harry Styles is no ordinary slut on the market. He's on a mission... a deadly one.

Meanwhile, detective Tomlinson receives a new case, a serial murder of rich famous men robbed of their money with the same bloody results.

Fatal Sex.

smihed smihed Mar 13
Ehm.. how can a crime be masculine or feminine? Can someone explain
                              But this one is forced incest so...
                              That's a no for me ,'/
He sounds like a cartoon evil villain. "No one can stop me, not even your mother".
HannahSimms HannahSimms Feb 22
why does Harry remind me of myself.. (other than killing people lol)
Lasitytto Lasitytto Feb 21
So apparently they have never thought of the murderer being a innocent looking kinky college boy who's obsessed with sex?
Same *everyone looks at me* I mean, WHAAAAAT. DA FUQ IS WRONG WITH HIM