Mystic Messenger X Reader ~ Oneshots

Mystic Messenger X Reader ~ Oneshots

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[Requests are open]

Welcome to Mystic Messenger x Reader one shots, AKA hell.

This game has consumed my life, so why not make a one shot book for it? 

So, sit back, relax, and have fun while reading or get your heart torn to pieces if I can make good angst xoxo.


Can you please do another Jaehee X Reader? I don't really have any plot ideas so I'll leave it to you
Can i request Saeran x reader? The plot is what if Saeran asleep on the couch after mc comes and steals a kiss from him gehehe thank you
Hmmmm... It can be any character from Mystic Messenger? Bc i kinda wanna see a V x Reader,bc why not? The blind bby needs some love ;-;. But think of it like a variation of Secret Ending 001,since V dies,how about he doesn't in this one shot?
Not sure if the requests are over but can you please do a soulmate au where the first words of your soulmate are engraved on your wrist?  it can be either seven or yousung. Maybe even jumin...or jaehee....or zen...or unknown...o- you know what, you can choose.
Ok if you do this my life will be complete
                              An Unknown/SAAAAEEERRANNN x reader where both had abusive families and stoof, but then they become friends and get through it together
                              Then Saeran disappears of ol' Minty leaving Reader alone, until that fateful day when he was meant to kidnap you
Is it okay if you make a Yoosung Kim x Reader fluff when the reader is freezing cold and needs cuddles?? For face-to-face please??