Glad we reunited: SkyArmy x MySreet Crossover

Glad we reunited: SkyArmy x MySreet Crossover

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Luna~Senpai29 By Lunannex Updated Nov 01

Everyone has secrets...Katelyn has secrets, Laurance has secrets, Garroth has secrets, Dante, KC, Aaron, Zane, Vylad, Travis, etc...But Aphmau err Jess has the biggest one of all...what happens when it gets revealed? What happens when the MyStreet crew meet the SkyArmy? Will they forgive Aphmau or will they continue being selfish? The SkyArmy have been through a lot adventures together some of them being: The Crafting Dead, Maze Runner, Roomates, Pirates, Teacher, Cops n Robbers, Do not Laugh, etc....But no matter how dangerous some of them may be they've always had fun where ever they go...Jess, Unica, Alesa, Shelby, Ross, Adam, Barney, Max and Cory are an unstoppable team...NOTHING will stop them!!!!

Note: Yes I do ship Cory x Shelby...don't judge meh! This book will contain: Mithmau, Corby, Barnica, Skylesa(Idk guys), and maybe others ships!!!

This will contain some violence and abuse! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Eh, I don't really care was accused of being a pedo, he's innocent until proven guilty, once Jin has been proven guilty then that's when I'll be ashamed, unless he was already, I'm not entirely sure, I don't pay attention to the stuff going on in the US that much
I think that all you needed to do was replace the name "Jin" with "Max"
peas161 peas161 Sep 15
I'm glad your writing a other one because I thought Jin was better then that so I'm glad he's out.
peas161 peas161 Sep 17
Thank you.Thank you I haven't read any thing yet but I'm glad you continued.Thank you again
peas161 peas161 Sep 16
I'm know sad I've been looking for the book that has yes I do ship Shelby and Cory MyStreetxSkymedia and found out it was this one I loved the first chapter and I've been looking for four days that's why I'm sad.