Rp with Sara Jaeger

Rp with Sara Jaeger

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Eren's Twin Sister By __Sara__Arlert__ Updated Dec 02

Just a few scenarios for ya if you get bored... Feel free to rp under as many as you'd like!

Only rule is: No smut pls >_< (if you must, PM >~<)

Cannon characters that I can be as well:
... so... I kinda need you guys to be Armin, Hanji, Erwin and the others (if they're needed) ^^;;

Anywho that's all! Have fun!

"Nothing much." Izzy says. She takes out a piece of cake and gives it to Sara.
"Whoa...its not mating season yet kiddo.." reni says to Jean.."so if i were you..." puts my sword to his throat "I would put the lady down and be a gentlemen...you don't want any problems now do ee maggot?~"
"On it" Jordana says. She then runs at Jean and kicks him in the genital area
"Um... I-I..." I sigh, "Ok..." I says and try to punch Jean, but fail
"Hey Jean your not suppose to be hurting a girl!" I yell then punched Jean in the face
"Meh. Nothing much" Jordana replies also smiling and shrugging