Rp with Sara Jaeger

Rp with Sara Jaeger

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Eren's Twin Sister By __Sara__Jaeger__ Updated a day ago

Just a few scenarios for ya if you get bored... Feel free to rp under as many as you'd like!

Rules: •no op/god mode
              • please no really short replies, I find it difficult to rp with someone who's replies are only a few words... try and be a little detailed and give me something to work with :3

Cannon characters that I can be as well:
... so... I kinda need you guys to be Armin, Hanji, Erwin and the others (if they're needed) ^^;;

Anywho that's all! Have fun!

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5 year old Dylan shuffles over to her, bruised and cut. The little vampire girl has tears in her eyes and tears streaming down her face.
The 8 year old named Shadow looked at her, “oh I was just in the trees.” She smiled and sat by her. “So what’s up?”
tiredmax tiredmax Oct 20, 2016
An 8 year old Max sat down beside her,  and wipes the sweat. "Nothing much." she replies panting. "Just chasing after Eren."
-Lewdtxstic- -Lewdtxstic- Nov 13, 2016
Lulu smiles. "Sure but as long as we don't go anywhere FLITHY!"
ii-starrydreams-ii ii-starrydreams-ii Dec 25, 2016
9 year old Brenna plopped beside her, wrapping her shawl over her shoulders. "Nothing really, just making bread deliveries."
banana072003 banana072003 Sep 13, 2016
"Yeah I can hang out. I've got nothing better to do" Jordana says hopping out of bed