Rp with Sara Jaeger

Rp with Sara Jaeger

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Eren's Twin Sister By __Sara__Jaeger__ Updated Sep 18

Just a few scenarios for ya if you get bored... Feel free to rp under as many as you'd like!

Rules: •no op/god mode
              • please no really short replies, I find it difficult to rp with someone who's replies are only a few words... try and be a little detailed and give me something to work with :3

Cannon characters that I can be as well:
... so... I kinda need you guys to be Armin, Hanji, Erwin and the others (if they're needed) ^^;;

Anywho that's all! Have fun!

5 year old Dylan shuffles over to her, bruised and cut. The little vampire girl has tears in her eyes and tears streaming down her face.
SleepyMax SleepyMax Oct 20, 2016
An 8 year old Max sat down beside her,  and wipes the sweat. "Nothing much." she replies panting. "Just chasing after Eren."
-OmniGoddessLu- -OmniGoddessLu- Nov 13, 2016
Lulu smiles. "Sure but as long as we don't go anywhere FLITHY!"
ii-starrydreams-ii ii-starrydreams-ii Dec 25, 2016
9 year old Brenna plopped beside her, wrapping her shawl over her shoulders. "Nothing really, just making bread deliveries."
banana072003 banana072003 Sep 13, 2016
"Yeah I can hang out. I've got nothing better to do" Jordana says hopping out of bed
banana072003 banana072003 Sep 10, 2016
7 year old Jordana sits beside her and says "my mom was taken to the hospital so I ran there to support her" Jordana said with small tears forming on her eyelids