Talk Less, Smile More

Talk Less, Smile More

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storyoftonight By storyoftonight Updated Sep 10

Sequel to my other book, Thinking Past Tomorrow! A awaited book, ending where I left off in the last book. I'm not gonna force you to read the other once, so I'm gonna sum it up. 

Alexander, John and their friends had many weird and amusing memories in college, but alas it has to come to a end at some point. Alex decides he was to join the army, and John Lafayette and Hercules joins. Many things happen in the army, which leads them to go one leave. On leave more things happen (I know greats specifics). 

In my stories, there are angst, fluff, and just plain sappiness. Enjoy reading!

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Ummm.... I don't know how to feel about this... I'm having very mixed emotions right now!!!! 😂😖😭😝😤😜😔😡
John. As your sister, I guess we are orphaned. But.. hate and forgive me, but I am happy that my torture plan worked out
jadedsong jadedsong Sep 10
Lift your head and look out the window
                              Stay that way for the rest of the day and watch the time go
                              Listen! The birds sing! Listen! The bells ring!
                              All the living are dead, and the dead are all living
                              The war is over and we are beginning...
                              Nobody else though of this song instantly? Okay
Uhh no you just long press the off button to shut it down and then you turn it on again