❝the Vampire Diaries❞ ➼ Individual Roleplay

❝the Vampire Diaries❞ ➼ Individual Roleplay

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-ian harris smolder- By PositiveWriter Updated Nov 18

An Individual Roleplay based off of the popular CW TV Series: The Vampire Diaries.

F O R  R U L E S: Read On ;D

(Cover by Me =DD)

Romanov Petrova
                              Vampire age:2500
                              Gender female
                              Sexuality: bi
                              Personailty: bi
                              Personailty : dark distant cold sassy sarcastic 
                              Species: vampire
                              Looks: Angelina Jolie 
                              Backstory : it's a secret
Allison Lewis
                              Face Claim? Kehlani
                              Shy,Creative, Silly, Giggle, Sensitive, Emotional
                              She likes arts and reading. She enjoys dancing. She's a foster kid.
Name: Max Williams 
                              Age: 18
                              Gender: female 
                              Sexuality: bi
                              Personality: split personality:
                              1. Quiet, keeps to herself, kind.
                              2. Crazy, cycopathic, smart. 
                              Looks: in comments.
                              Backstory: Lives by herself, she originally came from Australia and has thick accent.
Kira Mikaelson
                              Sassy,loyal,and fast
                              Like Camilla Cambello
                              She grew up with her siblings
                              Klaus,Kol,and Elijah are her brothers
Name Hayley 
                              Age 21 
                              Gender female 
                              Sexuality  bi 
                              Personality she nice kind she LIke boy 
                              Back story 
                              She like everyone but when she get mad  she turn bad  and .sh es like her daughter 
                              Family minikens