Stay Close

Stay Close

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Elyse Mason By elysemason Updated 3 days ago

"I think you're hiding something," he said accusingly, his voice low and dangerous.

"I think you're crazy," I retorted. My heart was beating rapidly. 
When you lead a life kept to the shadows-metaphorically and physically-it can be hard to make friends. I'm not going to say I was a loser, a complete outcast at my school. In fact, there was no one that I shared a hatred with.

Well, for the most part.

My life, which was more or less secretive, was completely shaken when Emmett Dean rocks himself into my world.

Completely uninvited, might I add.

And all he did was spill his food on me.
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marshstache marshstache Oct 04
Exactly just like me. I'd be in class and suddenly when the teacher  says "Ok I'll give you the rest of the class period to do anything." I have a frown on my face because I don't have a phone to keep me occupied
elysemason elysemason Sep 23
^ive tried fixing those, but it never saves! I'm sorry. I have a habit of switching from first to third person, but it is fixed in the later chapters. Every time I edit an already publish chapter, it doesn't save and reverts to the original copy😂
0Pseudonym0 0Pseudonym0 Sep 25
@Creepypasta_Fang Thanks for the compliment, Fang :P
                              I'm not worried though, I like to read that way and do it all the time. Just sometimes instead of keeping the things to myself I like to let the Author know what I noticed. I wouldn't mind if someone done the same with my work!
I really like the story so far and the chapters are pretty long which is something I really enjoy and you don't see enough of around Wattpad, I will definitely keep reading