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Star Wars Rebels Rp by: denaytheepic

Star Wars Rebels Rp by: denaytheepic

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Denay Kallus By denaytheepic Updated Feb 15

You Rp in the comments with eachother. I'm NOT going to write the comments in the book, you just Rp. I'll have another book like that other one soon enough.

CrystalJarrusBridger CrystalJarrusBridger Nov 03, 2016
snowflake is sitting on top of the ghost with her hair tied back in a ponytail
@denaytheepic are we allowed to battle with other members of the roll play who are on the opposite side?
NathanWelke NathanWelke Dec 22, 2016
Dunco Kent stood outside an imperial base on Lothal. . He pondered what he should do next, when suddenly, a speeder  approached him. He happily boarded.
                              " Dunco, it is an honor to finally meet you." Hera shouted.
                              "As it is to meet you, captain Syndulla."
MikaroHindleGroida MikaroHindleGroida Sep 17, 2016
Mikaro was on top of the ghost sun bathing, she smiled enjoying it
NathanWelke NathanWelke Dec 22, 2016
Dunco Kent
                              Age: 16
                              Gender:  Male
                              Species: Rodian
                              Description: wears blue coat and brown shirt. Magnetic boots.
                              Personality: Strategic
                              Side: Rebellion
                              Force Sensitive: no
                              Powers: has a modified stormtrooper blaster
Jedi-Smuggler-Sith Jedi-Smuggler-Sith Dec 18, 2016
Azel was standing in the sunset of Chopper base, she seemed to be in thought