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Big Cat RP

Big Cat RP

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Da Bae Of All Peeps By -BaeIsHappy- Updated Sep 10, 2016

You can RP as a big cat!

thatonewarriorsfan thatonewarriorsfan Oct 01, 2016
(Last on XD)
                              Name- Ella
                              Age- 3 years
                              Gender- tigress 
                              Big cat- Bengal tiger
                              Looks- normal Bengal tiger looks
                              Personality- motherly, sweet, kind, helpful
                              Family- Unknown
                              Likes- Cubs 
                              Hates- her heat
                              Other- none
Fluffy_Wolfs_Lover Fluffy_Wolfs_Lover Oct 29, 2016
Name: Briar
                              Age: 7
                              Big Cat Breed: Lioness
                              Looks: Tan fur with golden eyes.
                              Personality: feirce, loves to roam, outgoing.
                              Family: None
                              Backstory: was abandoned as a cub and has lived by herself ever since
Mewlover2005 Mewlover2005 Dec 31, 2016
                              1 year  (Human years)
                              A small normal ish looking bobcat with a shorter tail than normal. 
                              Rude, selfless, agile, sleek, stealthy. 
                              Hunting, being alone, fighting. 
                              Loud noises, lions.
                              Has a long scar down left side.
                              Sorry bout tagging ya 
                              (I'm to lazy to do more people)
thatonewarriorsfan thatonewarriorsfan Oct 01, 2016
Name- Fern
                              Age- 2 1/2 years
                              Gender- female
                              Big cat- cheetah
                              Looks- normal cheetah looks
                              Personality- sarcastic, quick-witted, smart
                              Family- dead
                              Likes- running
                              Dislikes- others