Im broken (A sonamy story)

Im broken (A sonamy story)

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XxDCRxX By Sonamylover236 Updated Apr 20, 2017

As amy decides to spy on Sonic after a freedom fighters meeting, she finds out that Sonic and Sally are dating! She feels heartbroken but forgives him anyway and she continues her life as normal as
 she's still doubting Sonic's true self. The next day as Dr.Eggman decides to attack the city Sonic had to choose who to save, Sally or Amy. And the next choice he made svhattered Amy's heart forever. When Sonic finds Amy once again, will he be able to get Amy's trust back? Or perhaps even love?


I do not own any of the characters except for lily, jessie, Robert, Mr.Quid and The enchantress. The rest of the characters belong to SEGA

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Tajea567 Tajea567 Feb 17
Oh, Amy, you are beautiful. You don't need to be a princess and you don't need Sonic. You're one of the most gorgeous girls in the Sonic universe, and you don't need him to know that.
angiechay4 angiechay4 Dec 27, 2016
That prayer open my eyes when she said " your not always there for me but be there for the ones I care about "
GothNebula GothNebula Sep 08, 2016
Nebula: Sonic, you're an idiot! How could you let Amy get taken by Eggman?! Some hero you are!