A dare gone wrongly right (cross dresser eren x Levi..SMUT!)

A dare gone wrongly right (cross dresser eren x Levi..SMUT!)

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attack__on__yaoi By attack__on__yaoi Updated a day ago

I'm an awkward teenage boy, who has just moved to Titan high... I came across this girl named Hanji she seemed quite nice. Well that was until I decided to play truth and dare with her and her friends! And she dared me to go to the school prom dressed as a girl...

I didn't know I was going to bump into the hottest boy in the school who goes by the name Levi Ackerman! So I foolishly agreed, granted at least I gained a friend..

But now I think Levi has fallen for that mysterious girl... Maybe I shouldn't have given him my phone number! 

I'm going to have to tell him the truth before things get messy.

*just reading good looking fanfics to Get over how Trump became president*
This reminds Me of that one group I used to hang out With in like 4th grade and Always Gawked over this 6th Grader Named Zion. . . . . I'll be lying if I said he wasn't good looking. . . . Anyway the Group of girls were a Little creepy and stalked him.
Yes Eren, I know I look like a god. Even science birth I've always looked like a god. I kind of looked like L from death note now that I think about it.
blancana blancana 21 hours ago
I'm legally blind- *old man voice* *puts hands up* where you at homie?
juleg105 juleg105 Oct 30
Omg my math teacher is like that too but I have him at the end of the day and I always almost fall asleep cause I'm so tired
Oi, How does he know it's Connie if the brat didn't even introduce himself?