A dare gone wrongly right (cross dresser eren x Levi..SMUT!)

A dare gone wrongly right (cross dresser eren x Levi..SMUT!)

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I'm an awkward teenage boy, who has just moved to Titan high... I came across this girl named Hanji she seemed quite nice. Well that was until I decided to play truth and dare with her and her friends! And she dared me to go to the school prom dressed as a girl...

I didn't know I was going to bump into the hottest boy in the school who goes by the name Levi Ackerman! So I foolishly agreed, granted at least I gained a friend..

But now I think Levi has fallen for that mysterious girl... Maybe I shouldn't have given him my phone number! 

I'm going to have to tell him the truth before things get messy.

So I was looking at the picture and accidentally tapped on the butt, even my body know me.....
Levi: "Looks like well have to do this the old fashioned way"
                              Eren: "err... hows that?" 
                              Levi: "same way you get into anygang.... Initiation" 
                              *starts beating the crap out of eren in the court room*
It does look like Hanji and it suuuuu Kawaiiiiiiiii *fangirls like Hanji and kills everyone's ears* opps sorry , Nya~
armin_armout3 armin_armout3 Dec 25, 2016
Already dirty thoughts why stop *slaps self*
                              *self slaps back*
Lol. The last two comments😂😂😂 Two types of people!😂
What's breakfast? Is that the meal you should eat when you get up? Yeah I don't do that lol