A dare gone wrongly right (cross dresser eren x Levi..SMUT!)

A dare gone wrongly right (cross dresser eren x Levi..SMUT!)

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I'm an awkward teenage boy, who has just moved to Titan high... I came across this girl named Hanji she seemed quite nice. Well that was until I decided to play truth and dare with her and her friends! And she dared me to go to the school prom dressed as a girl...

I didn't know I was going to bump into the hottest boy in the school who goes by the name Levi Ackerman! So I foolishly agreed, granted at least I gained a friend..

But now I think Levi has fallen for that mysterious girl... Maybe I shouldn't have given him my phone number! 

I'm going to have to tell him the truth before things get messy.

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Buskit99 Buskit99 Dec 01, 2017
“If you wanna be apart of our gang, you gotta do...the initiation...”
                              “Wh-What’s that?”
                              “You have to go through Hanji’s dares...”
                              DUN DUN DUUUUUN
Empress_DL Empress_DL Aug 21, 2017
At first I was like wtf that's weird but then I thought about and realized I would have wanted to touch him too. XP
yoonmin_666 yoonmin_666 Apr 12
😂😂@Evil_Deer333 remember we made u dress as a girl and go to the mall oh gawd im ded😂😂😂😂
-sugar-mochi- -sugar-mochi- Sep 19, 2017
Yurio? This isn't your fandom, plz return back to Russia....
- - Jun 04, 2017
Comparing the squad to the two chicks at the corner of the picture, they seem like giants...
LeviShaneTransMeme LeviShaneTransMeme Aug 30, 2017
Hey, if you do have dyslexia i cannot tell. You have better granmer and spelling than alot of other users.