Mystic Messenger Book

Mystic Messenger Book

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Mei♡ By AtomicAngel_ Updated Sep 25

Need help getting your favourite character's route?
Keep getting a bad end on your route, or just a bad end in general?
Want to see a certain character's bad end, or see the bad ends available in the game?
Do you keep messing up the emails?

Want to know how to play Mystic Messenger?

Maybe you already know all these things and don't need help at all. Or maybe you just don't want help or to cheat lol.

This book is going to be filled with tutorials and my journey through each characters' route. Along with help tips on how each button(?) works and stuff.

There will also be one-shots for each character!!

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grungemgc95 grungemgc95 Mar 25
You get a green heart, I chose the other option and I got a green heart
130moods- 130moods- May 23
@thristae hi here is some help w mm (you changed your username wtheck)
dpcass88 dpcass88 Aug 10
Yes, I choose it at it did affect my ending. It tolled me that I got BAD ENDING.
niallegend niallegend Oct 03
I only get the life of a cherry boy.. Does that mean I can't change it?
godeku godeku Sep 08
thank you so much for this ;; i got a bad ending just a few minutes ago and i didnt know what i did wrong, since i kept telling yoosung to not compare me to rika TT this book is incredibly helpful ;; thank you!!
Ive played MM for some time, it seems that I have gotten the bad ending twice. I did what's written here, but did one thing wrong ;-; *cri* time to start over again