Cinderella Can't Be A Guy

Cinderella Can't Be A Guy

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This is NOT a boyxboy book. It IS boyxgirl. If you put this in your bxb reading lists, you are being very disrespectful to the characters based on real people who have to go through these hardships every day. 

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For all of Hayden's life, he was told he couldn't wear skirts, play with dolls, or do anything a girl would typically do. It was hard for him to not be accepted by his mother, especially when he came to realize he was a girl.
  Living with a LGBT hater for a mother was hard enough, but falling in love with the quarterback was deemed even harder. When the masquerade themed homecoming dance arrived, Hayden decided to go as Crystal, her true self, and ends up dancing with Josh, the quarterback.
  When all that was exchanged between the two was a simple kik address, Crystal's life changes forever. With Josh believing they are two separate people, he has to decide whether he loves Hayden, the boy on the outside, or Crystal, the girl on the inside.

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LGBT, so no hate!

Its cool. This book is awesome!! Like everyone says,  "everyone makes mistakes"
gitrhjfrugstyt gitrhjfrugstyt 5 days ago
It is your book, you can say he/she or whatever you want. Dont let those brinks get you down.
um_aliens um_aliens Apr 30
Why do people think this is a Boyxboy? Why do people read books just to disrespect the character?
forestdiver forestdiver 4 days ago
I'm highly confused right now Hayden is a boy and crystal is a girl
So a biological born male. Then changed to girl? I'm just making sure
cakeman555 cakeman555 Sep 06
Ayyy, you're doing your best. As long as you're doing what makes you happy, the small mistakes don't matter :)