HEAT (Shawn Mendes Smut/Dirty Fanfiction)

HEAT (Shawn Mendes Smut/Dirty Fanfiction)

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shawnsfingers By shawnsfingers Updated Nov 27

He lighted the joint and his hand came closer to my mouth. I opened my mouth a bit and he put the joint inbetween my lips, which were covered with Lucy's red lipstick. 

"Inhale," he said, his voice low and raspy. 

He was staring at my lips. Before I could inhale he dropped the joint to the ground. 

"Screw it," he said while pushing me against the wall.


June Hailey Nightingale was just a regular seventeen year old girl, until it was the first day of the summervacation and her best friend took her to a party and everything changed. 

Was he just there to try and take her virginity, or did he want more than just her virginity? Was he actually as cold as he seemed, or was this boy more than a rebelious fuckboy? Was this boy hiding something, or did she know everything about him?

FrancesWolf FrancesWolf Nov 28
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