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Electric Therapy Chair

Electric Therapy Chair

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Harley_Michaelis By Harley_Michaelis Updated Dec 28, 2016

Prequel to my other Jarley Fanfic "let's go home" but no worries, if ya haven't read it you shouldn't be confused while reading this. Ok so this is Harley Quinn's origin story and how her and the jokers mad love began. 
Dr. Quinzel has always been work oriented. She's never taken seriously at Arkham Assylum, so when a new and extreme patient comes along, this is her once in a lifetime opportunity. Little does she know she's falling in love. Also, little does she know, her patient is playing her, so he could escape. He doesn't care about her......or does he?
This is a complete mixture of the comic version and the Suicide Squad movie version, with my own made up characters and plot twists added in there for more fun, which I haven't read before so I hope you enjoy!

Altbutterfly Altbutterfly Sep 10, 2016
Was this coffee from an espresso machine by chance?? 😂😂
auroraaus auroraaus Nov 02, 2016
I liked this first chapter. I feel like you've added more explanation and emotion to the character. I have stopped reading Harley fanfics altogether because I feel like a lot of them tell the same story with Mr. J, but I really like what you've added to her character, lovey! 😆😆
Altbutterfly Altbutterfly Oct 02, 2016
As soon as I read that the song started playing in my head. 😂
Altbutterfly Altbutterfly Oct 02, 2016
Or maybe an even bigger job Harleen, say super-villain? Maybe, to be more exact, Clown Princess of Crime?? 😏😏